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Design draft: explained pidgin random nickname.

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......@@ -696,10 +696,9 @@ support is disabled, to avoid the usage of such a privacy flawed and
buggy plugin. The Off-the-record plugin is enabled to help one to one
conversations being as private and unrecordable as possible. A script
generates at each boot a random nick to be used on the preconfigured IRC
**FIXME**: document how T(A)ILS builds the "random" nickname at boot
time, then close [[todo/Pidgin (documentation)]].
servers, by picking up a firstname from the 2000 most registered by the
U.S. social security administration in the 70s and appending it a random
number between 0 and 100.
### 3.5.12 Host system swap
When you create the documenatation, could you specify there how Pidgin gets these preset nicknames for IRC?
[[!tag todo/documentation]]
> See [[!tails_website contribute/design]],
> [[!tails_website todo/pidgin_shoud_not_advertise_amnesia_use]] and
> [[!tails_gitweb chroot_local-includes/lib/live/config/201-pidgin]]
[[!tag todo/done]]
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