Commit 26f89d52 authored by bertagaz's avatar bertagaz
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Test suite: Temoorary fix bug in APT hooks introduced by ASP.

At the moment, APT waits for the DPKG post install hook notification to
be clicked on before returning, which is a bug that should be fixed with
ticket #15382. Meanwhile we have to run APT install in the background
and check when the package is installed to go on with the feature.

Refs: #14596, #15382
parent 6bb26dbb
......@@ -70,9 +70,13 @@ Then /^I install "(.+)" using apt$/ do |package_name|
retry_tor(recovery_proc) do
Timeout::timeout(2*60) do
$vm.execute_successfully("echo #{@sudo_password} | " +
$vm.execute("echo #{@sudo_password} | " +
"sudo -S DEBIAN_PRIORITY=critical apt -y install #{package_name}",
:user => LIVE_USER)
:user => LIVE_USER,
:spawn => true)
try_for(60) do
$vm.execute_successfully("dpkg -s '#{package_name}' 2>/dev/null | grep -qs '^Status:.*installed$'")
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