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Document the new DNS service (refs: #16232)

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......@@ -197,6 +197,23 @@ Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
* configuration: done by hand ([[!tails_ticket 6926]])
* importance: low
## DNS
* purpose: authoritative nameserver for the `` and
`` zones
* access:
- anyone can query this nameserver
- members of the mirrors team control some of the content of the
`` sub-zone
- Tails sysadmins can edit the zones with `pdnsutil edit-zone`
* tools: [[!debpts pdns]] with its MySQL backend
* configuration:
- `tails::pdns` and `tails::pdns::*` resources in
[[!tails_gitweb_repo puppet-tails]]
- [[!tails_gitweb_repo puppet-powerdns]]
* importance: critical (most of our other services are not available
if this one is not working)
## Gitolite
* purpose:
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