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Style guide: boot vs start

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- Use hyphens instead of underscores to separate words.
- **boot** vs **start**
- Use *start* and *restart* as much as possible to refer to starting a
computer on Tails; *boot* is almost always unecessary jargon.
- You might use *boot* when the word is displayed to the user by the
computer or when writing for a technical audience, like in our
design documentation.
- Use *boot* when referring to *boot options*, which are only
documented for workarounds or a technical audience.
- *For example*:
- Most computers do not start on Tails by default.
- The following instructions explain how to display the boot menu
and start on the USB stick.
- When starting Tails, add the <span class="command">toram</span>
boot option in the <span class="application">Boot Loader
Menu</span>. For detailed instructions, see the documentation on
[[using the <span class="application">Boot Loader
- **bulleted lists**
Refer to this article from NN/g on [presenting bulleted
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