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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Corresponding ticket: [[!tails_ticket 14567]]
### Matrix/Riot
- [](Riot website)
- [Riot website](
- [[!tails_ticket 15209]]
- decentralized
- Riot supports: IM, VoIP, Videocall & - conferencing, File Transfer (of course) and SMS
......@@ -41,12 +41,12 @@ Corresponding ticket: [[!tails_ticket 14567]]
### Signal
- [](Signal website)
- [Signal website](
- [[!tails_ticket 15200]]
- centralized server
- mass adopted
- Chromium-based desktop application is deprecated, it's going to be
replaced by a [](Electron framework based)
replaced by an [Electron framework based](
standalone application, i.e. it's supposed to work in all major OS'es
but we don't know if such applications will actually be officially
available in Debian
......@@ -58,21 +58,19 @@ Corresponding ticket: [[!tails_ticket 14567]]
### Telegram
- works over Tor (You can configure Tor as a SOCKS5 proxy in the configuration. The traffic seems to go through HTTP.)
- [](is in Debian)
- [is in Debian](
- When first starting the app, you have to enter your phone number and validate it through an SMS. Then you get all your messages and conversations back, even your stickers!
- So it's not anonymous in the sense that it's linked with your phone number but it's super easy :)
- instant messaging
### Wire
- [](Wire website)
- [Wire website](
- desktop client
- works over Tor
- video & audio calls
- instant messaging works in Tails
- audio calls work in Tails but firewall rules are impacted [[!tails_ticket 15196]]
- video call untested
- problematic: [](Stores contacts in cleartext on server)
- instant messaging works in Tailszzzz
- problematic: [Stores contacts in cleartext on server](
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