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Release process: reuse existing variable and use local S_D_E.

We don't particularly care *here* what's the value of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
as long as we set it.
parent 07526151
......@@ -44,16 +44,11 @@ Export new upstream version number:
Export location of a checkout of the branch of the main Tails Git
repository used to prepare the release (typically `stable` or `testing`):
Export source date epoch:
export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=$(date \
--utc \
--date="$(dpkg-parsechangelog \
--file "$TAILS_GIT_CHECKOUT/debian/changelog" \
--show-field=Date)" \
export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=$(date --utc +%s)
Update version number in `bin/tails-create-iuk`, commit all files that
need to be.
......@@ -72,8 +67,8 @@ Run the upstream test suite:
umask 077
# Run the test suite
NODE_PATH="/path/to/tails.git/submodules/mirror-pool-dispatcher/lib/js" \
PATH="/path/to/tails.git/submodules/mirror-pool-dispatcher/bin:$PATH" \
NODE_PATH="${TAILS_GIT_CHECKOUT}/submodules/mirror-pool-dispatcher/lib/js" \
PATH="${TAILS_GIT_CHECKOUT}/submodules/mirror-pool-dispatcher/bin:$PATH" \
dzil test
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