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Test suite: packet sniff for HELO/EHLO for Claws.

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......@@ -93,6 +93,13 @@ Check the output for:
EHLO/HELO SMTP messages it sends). Send an email using Claws and a
non-anonymizing SMTP relay. Then check that email's headers once
received, especially the `Received:` and `Message-ID:` ones.
* Also check that the EHLO/HELO SMTP message is not leaking anything
with a packet sniffer: Disable SSL/TLS for SMTP in Claws (so take
recations for not leaking you password in plaintext by either
chaning it temporarily or using a disposable account). Then run
"sudo tcpdump -i lo -w dump" so we capture the packet before Tor
encrypts it, and check the dump for the HELO/EHLO message and
verify that it only contains "localhost".
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