Commit 212b62c4 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Fix the chrooted browsers prefs (refs: #15023)

parent 559b1d23
......@@ -126,9 +126,8 @@ configure_chroot_browser_profile () {
# Set preferences
local browser_prefs="${browser_profile}/preferences/prefs.js"
local browser_prefs="${browser_profile}/user.js"
local chroot_browser_config="/usr/share/tails/chroot-browsers"
mkdir -p "$(dirname "${browser_prefs}")"
cat "${chroot_browser_config}/common/prefs.js" \
"${chroot_browser_config}/${browser_name}/prefs.js" > "${browser_prefs}"
// Disable update checking
pref("app.update.enabled", false);
pref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
user_pref("app.update.enabled", false);
user_pref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
// Disable fetching of the new tab page's Tiles links/ads. Ads are
// generally unwanted, and also the fetching is a "phone home" type of
// feature that generates traffic at least the first time the browser
// is started.
pref("", "");
pref("", "");
user_pref("", "");
user_pref("", "");
// ... and disable the explanation shown the first time
pref("browser.newtabpage.introShown", true);
user_pref("browser.newtabpage.introShown", true);
/* Prevent File -> Print or CTRL+P from causing the browser to hang
for several minutes while trying to communicate with CUPS, since
access to port 631 isn't allowed through. */
pref("print.postscript.cups.enabled", false);
user_pref("print.postscript.cups.enabled", false);
// Hide "Get Addons" in Add-ons manager
pref("extensions.getAddons.showPane", false);
user_pref("extensions.getAddons.showPane", false);
// Disable proxying in the chroot
pref("network.proxy.type", 0);
pref("network.proxy.socks_remote_dns", false);
user_pref("network.proxy.type", 0);
user_pref("network.proxy.socks_remote_dns", false);
// Without setting this, the Download Management page will not update
// the progress being made.
pref("", true);
user_pref("", true);
// Web pages does not render when e10s is enabled, so we have to
// disable it. Note that the "user_"-prefix is required.
......@@ -14,4 +14,4 @@ user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2", false);
// to your router or some LAN resource could leak to the default
// search engine (this could include credentials, e.g. if something
// like the following is mistyped: ftp://user:password@host).
pref("keyword.enabled", false);
user_pref("keyword.enabled", false);
pref("lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected", true);
pref("lightweightThemes.usedThemes", "[{\"id\":\"1\",\"name\":\"Unsafe Browser\",\"headerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"footerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"textcolor\":\"#FFFFFF\",\"accentcolor\":\"#CC0000\",\"updateDate\":0,\"installDate\":0}]");
user_pref("lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected", true);
user_pref("lightweightThemes.usedThemes", "[{\"id\":\"1\",\"name\":\"Unsafe Browser\",\"headerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"footerURL\":\"file:///usr/share/pixmaps/red_dot.png\",\"textcolor\":\"#FFFFFF\",\"accentcolor\":\"#CC0000\",\"updateDate\":0,\"installDate\":0}]");
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