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Drop security issue that doesn't affect Tails.

"denial of service (INSIST assertion failure and daemon exit) via a crafted DNS
query to an authoritative nameserver that uses the NSEC3 signing feature" isn't
relevant for us.
parent 03f19571
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ Details
CVE-2014-0237, CVE-2014-0238, CVE-2014-3478, CVE-2014-3479,
CVE-2014-3480, CVE-2014-3487, CVE-2014-3538 and CVE-2014-3587)
- curl: [[!debsa2014 3022]] (CVE-2014-3613 and CVE-2014-3620)
- bind9: [[!debsa2014 3023]] (CVE-2014-0591)
- gnupg: [[!debsa2014 3024]] (CVE-2014-5270)
- apt: [[!debsa2014 3025]], [[!debsa2014 3031]] (CVE-2014-0487,
CVE-2014-0488, CVE-2014-0489, CVE-2014-0490, and CVE-2014-6273)
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