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rephrase the "asked features" and add link to persistence category (#7593)

parent f45ebf14
......@@ -67,11 +67,15 @@ unselecting one or several features.
<div class="note">
Only features that are listed here can currently be made
persistent. Many users ask for more features (browser extensions,
persistent. Some other features have been asked and accepted, but are
waiting to be implemented (browser extensions,
[[!tails_ticket 7148 desc="wallpaper"]],
[[!tails_ticket 7625 desc="RSS feeds"]],
[[!tails_ticket 7246 desc="default sound card"]],
[[!tails_ticket 5979 desc="mouse and touchpad settings"]], *etc.*).
[[!tails_ticket 5979 desc="mouse and touchpad settings"]],
*etc.*). You can look at the
[[corresponding tickets|]]
to have more details :)
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