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Notes from May monthly meeting

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[[!meta title="May 2018 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=2]]
# Meta
- Attendees: emmapeel, masha, sajolida, segfault, spriver, u
- [[Logs|201805/logs.txt]]
# Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month
- In April we made some progress on [[!tails_ticket 6907]].
# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
<a id="kim"></a>
# Gather comments on our draft personas
Chapter 1: [[Kim, the surveilled at home|blueprint/personas#kim]]
- Windows camouflage
- *emmapeel: kim would have liked windows camouflage*
- Institutionalized
- *u: "that has been institutionalized" -> do you mean s/he has been in psychiatry ?*
- *emmapeel: i think in this context institutionalized could also be
on an orphanage*
- Bitcoin
- *emmapeel: to have his own savings outside of the institution*
- *emmapeel: its on my private idaho*
- *emmapeel: specially if kim is underage, they are not going to let
him handle his savings*
- Alison
- Ask Alison from Tor about the story she told emmapeel and sajolida.
- Feeling normal
- *masha: I dislike the "Kim wants to feel normal", I'd rather put
"feel safe"*
- *masha: well, when you're queer of color, you're not "normal" and
the world reminds you every day, so what you want is the end of
homophobia/racism for example. And the "want to be normal" might
merge with being invisible, and put everything too queer being
closed doors.*
- *masha: maybe the point is that "normal" leaves way too much room
for interpretation*
- Homeless
- *emmapeel: i just want to say that a very high percentage of
homeless youth in the world is queer. they get kicked out from home
for being queer*
- *emmapeel: but the gay kids go on the streets and they get
- Computer room
- *u: i think the Kim persona sounds very stressful (limited time,
mentor surveillance...). and surveilled at home can be much less
extreme than this case.*
- *u: i think for example the fact that the computer room is crowded
is an extra stress factor which we could make a bit less extreme by
writing "the computer room is sometimes croweded"*
- *sajolida: an option would be to add that they sometimes also borrow
the computer of a trusted friend inside the institution*
- *u: that could be an option (trusted friend's computer)*
- *emmapeel: if kim has no computer, and uses a computer of a friend,
is good to have tails...*
- Too many threats
- *u: Kim's case has two angles: the surveillance at home by mentors
and peers, and the sharia in nigeria as well as internet censorship*
- *u: sajolida: so kim's case actually has three angles and if we
would replace kim by someone who lives with their abuser, there
would not be the whole censorship and legal part*
- *u: i could imagine to have one person who is either
institutionalized or living with their abuser and one gay youth in
nigeria, but not necessarily under surveillance at home*
- *sajolida: u: if we keep a gay youth in Nigeria who is not
instituationalized, their issues would be censorship circumvention,
State surveillance, and identity management, right?*
- *sajolida: then it would look very much like Riou*
- *emmapeel: yeah maybe he could have a blog....*
- *sajolida: but maybe you're right and we should refocus Kim to be
more strongly about surveillance at home and not so much about other
things as well*
- *sajolida: so remove their societal and State oppression and stick to
the domestic oppression*
- Religious family
- *sajolida: Kim could be gay in a super religious US family for
- *u: fine with me, yes, gay/trans in a religious family in any
fanatic religious family.*
- Transsexual
- *spriver: (how about transsexual, that'd be me)*
- *emmapeel: yeah if you are trans you also have to get out*
- Resources
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
- <>
- *spriver: I can share a bit of my story though*
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