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Document our new XMPP chatroom.

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[[!meta title="Chat"]]
Our chatroom is a XMPP (Jabber) one.
To join it, use your preferred Instant Messaging client, e.g.
[[Pidgin|]], which runs on Windows, GNU/Linux and
Mac OS X.
Here are the needed technical details:
* server: ``
* port: `5222` (which is the default one, actually)
* chatroom: `incognito`
* use TLS/SSL to connect! the server's certificate is signed by
[[CaCert|]], and as of April 8th 2010, its
fingerprint is:
MD5: 2c8c12231c90f02cd6fefc4ce3e2048f
SHA-1: bfbf968d849d358be87de67e10d2104dbb75fb47
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ history|security]] or in the [[developers' corner|dev]].
## contact
You can send email to <>, preferably encrypted with
our [[GnuPG key]].
our [[GnuPG key]], or join our [[chatroom|chat]].
## acknowledgements
......@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@
3. Configure Pidgin to check the server's identity as best as can be
done, using SSL CA if no better solution can be found.
4. Write some documentation on the website for users who want to chat
with us *and* aren't able to use our live system to do so.
with us *and* aren't able to use our live system to do so:
**done** on [[chat]], which will need to be updated once a release
includes the aforementioned XMPP configuration.
5. Wait and see if we're asked for another way to join the chatroom;
if we are, maybe setup a forwarding bot to a IRC channel.
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