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GitLab: add missing specs

parent 1f30fb31
......@@ -386,6 +386,9 @@ Properties:
- fundraising: fundraising team
- sysadmin: sysadmins team
- tails-private: tails@ members
- Newly created issues are, by default:
- accounting, fundraising, tails-private: confidential
- sysadmin: public
### test-suite-shared-secrets
......@@ -497,7 +500,13 @@ Tails community.
GitLab project than the default one where most of our issues will
live; for details, see the "Private issues" section above.
Example: [[!tails_ticket 10346]]
Same applies to "stub" issues created for confidential issues
moved to a different project.
- private issue: [[!tails_ticket 10346]]
- public issue moved to another project: [[!tails_ticket 6033]]
* Preserve parent/subtask relationship in a way that GitLab will
enforce, i.e. prevent closing the GitLab issue corresponding to the
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