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Add notes from October meeting

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[[!meta title="October 2015 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Volunteers to handle "[Hole in the roof](" tickets this month
- We closed [[!tails_ticket 7546 desc="Add MAC spoofing to the manual test suite"]].
- _adamb will give a try at [[!tails_ticket 8086 desc="Test our build system with Vagrant 1.6.x"]]
# Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee
We didn't spot any ticket that needed to be reassigned.
# Availability for LHF
jvoisin, and u should be there.
# Availability for the month
- u will work on Tails Installer, Icedove, TorBirdy, the mirror
infrastructure, and importing the Farsi translations.
- sajolida will work on the Installation Assistant, prepare the call for
donation of the end of the year, and other fundraising.
- muri will be translating and maybe do one or two small easy tasks.
# [[!tails_ticket 10257 desc="Discuss & adopt a strategy to merge commits from Weblate"]]
We realized that this was highly dependent on the way we could implement a
review process inside Weblate which was something in the original list of
requirements ("MUST: provide user roles (admin, reviewer, translator"). We
created a ticket to investigate this [[!tails_ticket 10331 desc="#10331"]].
# [[!tails_ticket 10179 desc="Document mentors for new contributors"]]
We agreed on creating a dedicated page for that and linking it close to the
[[Easy tasks|contribute/easy_tasks]], probably as a new H3 headers under "Tools
for contributors".
# [[!tails_ticket 10024 desc="Document issues behind having Tails derivatives"]]
We reviewed the draft by sajolida. Other examples were mentioned such as
supporting other cryptcurrencies or different pluggable transports.
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