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Explain better the Option on mac/dvd as well

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......@@ -37,9 +37,11 @@ from a Tails DVD in a similar way.</p>
1. Switch on the computer.
<p class="mac-dvd">Immediately press-and-hold the
<span class="keycap">Option</span> key until a list of possible startup
<span class="keycap">Option</span> key (<span class="keycap">Alt</span> key) until a list of possible startup
disks appears.</p>
[[!img install/mac/option_key.png class="screenshot mac-dvd" link="no"]]
<p class="mac-dvd">Choose the DVD and press
<span class="keycap">Enter</span>. The DVD
might be labelled <span class="guilabel">Windows</span> like in the following screenshot:</p>
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