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Release process: clarify what to do wrt. feature/buster.

I prefer the RM to leave it alone than mess it up, so let's give them the option
to decide it's too complicated :)
parent cb79080c
......@@ -297,6 +297,9 @@ Update other base branches
[[merging base branches|APT_repository/custom#workflow-merge-main-branch]].
(For now `feature/buster` is handled as any other topic branch
forked off `devel`: its base branch is set to `devel`.)
If the merge conflicts don't look like something you feel confident
resolving properly, abort this merge and let the Foundations
Team know.
4. Ensure that the release, `devel` and `feature/buster` branches
have the expected content in `config/APT_overlays.d/`: e.g. it must
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