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[[!meta title="Resetting a Tails USB stick, for Linux"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
**The content of the USB stick will be lost in the operation.**
If at some point you are not sure about a device name it is
recommended to stop proceeding otherwise **you might risk overwriting
any hard drive on the system**.
Step by step
Step 1: Select the device of the USB stick
Unplug the USB stick you want to reset.
Open the Gnome disk utility from the menu *Applications* → *System Tools* →
*Disk Utility*:
[[!img doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux/gnome_disk_utility.png link=no alt="Applications → System Tools → Disk Utility"]]
The disk utility will list all the current storage devices on the left side of
the screen:
[[!img doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux/storage_devices.png link=no alt="Storage devices, including USB peripherals"]]
Plug back the destination USB stick. A new device should appear in the list of
storage devices. Select it with the cursor:
[[!img doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux/destination_device.png link=no alt="A new storage device appeared at the end of the list"]]
Check that the description of the device corresponds to your destination USB
stick, its brand, its size, etc. on the right side of the screen.
[[!img doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux/destination_device_description.png link=no alt="Drive description containing: 'Device: /dev/sdc'"]]
On this screenshot, the destination USB stick is a Kingston DataTraveler of 2.0 GB. Yours could be different.
Step 2: Do the actual reset
Click *Format Drive* on the right side of the screen. In the *Format*
dialog box that pops up, select the *Master Boot Record* scheme, then
confirm as many times as needed by clicking the *Format* button.
Step 3: Make sure all changes are written to the USB stick
Click *Safe Removal* on the right side of the screen.
This makes sure all changes are written to the USB stick.
Special cases
Resetting a Tails USB stick from itself
If you have no Linux system other than Tails, you can generally
**reset a Tails USB stick from that running Tails system itself**.
To do so, add the `toram` boot parameter: in the graphical boot menu,
press `TAB`, then press `Space`, then add the `toram` parameter to the
boot command line, then press `Enter`.
If the system boots properly, just follow the instructions on
this page.
Else, the computer you are using has not enough memory (RAM) for this
operation mode, and you may retry on another computer, or find another
Linux system (such as another Tails USB stick) to perform the
reset from.
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