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## 3.3 Internationalization
### 3.3.1 Best supported (Tier-1) languages
The set of best supported languages is the union of:
- Languages proposed on our website
- Languages that make Tails understandable by a majority of the
population of the top 10 countries of either
- [directly-connecting Tor clients](
- [Tor clients connecting via bridges](
As of 2019-03-23, the resulting list is:
- Arabic (ar)
- German (de)
- English (en)
- Spanish (es)
- Farsi (fa)
- French (fr)
- Hindi (hi)
- Indonesian (id)
- Italian (it)
- Portuguese (pt-BR)
- Russian (ru)
- Turkish (tr)
- Simplified Chinese (zh-CN)
### 3.3.1 Locales and spell checking
Tails ships, as is, localization files provided by the installed
Debian packages. All available Tor Browser localization packages
are installed. Spell checking software and data is installed for the
set of best supported languages; it is usable at least is Tor Browser,
LibreOffice and gedit.
Debian packages.
Additionally, Tails installs by default:
- All available Tor Browser localization packages
- For each Tier-1 language, when available in Debian:
- Spell checking dictionaries (usable at least in Tor Browser,
LibreOffice and gedit)
- Localization packages for LibreOffice and Thunderbird
### 3.3.1 Input methods
### 3.3.2 Input methods
Tails ships with IBus and a few engines (Anthy for Japanese, Pinyin
and Bopomofo for Chinese, and Hangul for Korean).
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