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Write my bits of the SponsorW report for November

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......@@ -8,6 +8,17 @@ Everything in this report is public.
# A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME
- The survey on VeraCrypt usage that we launched in October was
advertised on our website until December 1. We got 1012 complete
answers. ([[!tails_ticket 14474]])
- We recruited participants for the UX design sprint on VeraCrypt in
Tails what will happen in Berlin from December 8 to 10. We got 91
people volunteering to help us and selected the 10 most interesting
profiles to come work with us in December. We gave priority to people
who are users of both VeraCrypt and Tails and who seem less
tech-savvy. ([[!tails_ticket 14742]])
# B. Additional software
# C. Deliver new features
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