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Manual test suite: only test upgrading for the current version

With the new upgrade scheme, we're publishing IUKs upgrading
from any previous version based on the same Debian release,
and it's not realistic that we test all this.

Also, drop one step of our manual test suite, which:

 - required a complex local setup that most manual testers don't have
   (even I haven't had it ready anymore since years)

 - is now useless not only because our release process publishes the UDFs on the
   test channel, but also because when a manual tester reaches this point, IUKs
   are supposed to be available on most mirrors already (and even the RM took
   a risky shortcut, with #15287, the delay caused by uploading the IUKs goes
   away, so the chances the IUKs are available is higher).
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......@@ -226,71 +226,28 @@ at the application level:
# Incremental upgrades
* List the versions from which an upgrade path to this one is described.
On the up-to-date `master` branch in a local
[[clone of the Tails Git repository|contribute/git#main-repo]]:
1. Install _from scratch_ on a USB stick the previous Tails stable release
(that is, at this time, the current published one).
A system that was upgraded to that version will not do.
git grep -E -l " version: '?0.23'?" \
2. Start from that USB stick.
… replacing "0.23" with the version you are testing.
* For each description file, open it and verify if it allows incremental upgrade
or only full upgrade.
* For each previous version from which an upgrade path is described,
install it _from scratch_ (a system that was upgraded to it won't do)
and try to upgrade:
* For every incremental upgrade path: make sure the resulting updated
system "works fine" (boots, pretends to be the correct version,
and the following components work fine: Tor, Tor Browser, Unsafe Browser).
* For upgrade paths that only propose a full upgrade: make sure the
user is told to do a manual upgrade.
* the update-description files have been published on the
*test* channel already (see <>)
* and the IUK has been published already (see
and <>):
3. Upgrade to the version we're testing:
sudo sh -c 'sed -i /^TAILS_CHANNEL=/d /etc/os-release &&
echo TAILS_CHANNEL=\"test\" >> /etc/os-release' && \
systemctl --user restart tails-upgrade-frontend.service
Else, use a local test setup:
* A web server on the LAN.
* A copy of `wiki/src/upgrade` from the `stable` or `testing` branch,
for example in `/var/www/tails/upgrade/v1/Tails/3.14~rc2/amd64/stable/updates.yml`
* A copy of the `iuk` directory of our HTTP mirrors,
for example in `/var/www/tails/stable/iuk/Tails_amd64_3.14-rc2_to_3.14.iuk`.
To synchronize your local copy:
torsocks rsync -rt --progress --delete /var/www/tails/stable/iuk/
* Patch `/etc/hosts` in Tails to point to your web server:
echo "" | sudo tee --append /etc/hosts
* Patch sudo configuration to allow passing arbitrary arguments to
sudo sed -i \
-e 's,/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend ""$,/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend,' \
4. Once the upgrade has been applied and you're suggested to restart Tails,
do that.
* Run the upgrader. It must be called, from inside the system to upgrade,
with every needed option to use the local web server rather than the
online one, for example:
5. Verify that the resulting, upgraded system "works fine":
tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper \
* it boots
* it pretends to be the correct version
* Tor works fine
* Tor Browser works fine
* the Unsafe Browser starts
# Tails Verification
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