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......@@ -162,6 +162,21 @@ persistent volume.
All the configuration options are available from the graphical interface. There
is no need to manually edit or overwrite the configuration files.
<div class="bug">
<p>The emails of a POP3 account created without using the configuration
assistant are not stored in the persistent volume by default. For example,
when configuring a second email account.</p>
<p>To make it persistent choose
<span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">File</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guimenu">Add Mailbox</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guimenuitem">MH...</span></span> and change the location of the mailbox
from <span class="filename">Mail</span> to <span class="filename">.claws-mail/Mail</span>.</p>
<a id="gnome_keyring"></a>
<div class="icon">
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