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Merge branch 'bugfix/7325-task-list-icons' into feature/6342-update-camouflage-for-gnome3

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......@@ -3,13 +3,26 @@
# This script sets up the live user's Gnome theme to something that
# resembles Microsoft Windows 8.
# Set IE icon in iceweasel
# XXX: doesn't work as amnesia
#for x in /usr/share/iceweasel/browser/chrome/icons/default/*; do
# rm ${x}
# ln -s ${ie_icon} ${x}
# Set claws-mail icon
# Create claws-mail theme
cp /usr/share/icons/Windows8/apps/claws-mail.png "$CLAWSTHEMEDIR/claws_mail_icon.png"
echo > "$CLAWSTHEMEDIR/.claws_themeinfo" <<EOF
Tails Windows 8
Tails Developers
# Apply claws-mail theme
# XXX: this will disable any user-defined theme stored in persistence
# and the change will be permanent, even though it has no effect if the theme
# doesn't exist, which should be the case if camouflage has not been enabled.
if grep "$CLAWSCONFLABEL" "$HOME/.claws-mail/clawsrc"; then
sed -e "s;$CLAWSCONFLABEL=.*$;$CLAWSCONFLABEL=$CLAWSTHEMEDIR;" -i "$HOME/.claws-mail/clawsrc"
# Remove Tails-specific desktop icons
rm --interactive=never -f ${HOME}/Desktop/*.desktop 2> /dev/null || true
# This script runs the few steps required for windows 8 camouflage that cannot
# be run as the desktop user. It consists mainly of ugly workarounds. Running this
# script will change the system until next reboot.
# Activate the camouflage for the next session
install -m 0644 \
/usr/share/applications/tails-activate-win8-theme.desktop \
# Setup pidgin application icon (show in the windows list)
# The path to /usr/share/icons/hicolor is hardcoded in pidgin.
for icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/*/apps/pidgin.png; do
rm "$icon"
ln -s "/usr/share/icons/Windows8/apps/pidgin.png" "$icon"
# Set iceweasel application icon
for icon in /usr/share/iceweasel/browser/chrome/icons/default/*; do
rm "$icon"
ln -s "/usr/share/icons/Windows8/apps/iceweasel.png" "$icon"
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