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......@@ -51,10 +51,13 @@ Talks
* **Introductory talk**
* **Triaging Tails tickets**, by BitingBird: an easy way to start contributing and learn what are the plans
* **Enforcing Anonymity and Improving Pseudonymity in Tails**, by
David Wolinsky from the Decentralized and Distributed Systems
Research group at Yale
* **Automated testing of Tails**: introduction, demonstration of
running the tests, demonstration of writing a new testcase, known
issues, future plans
......@@ -63,10 +66,14 @@ Workshops
* **Deciphering the process of contributing to Tails**, by DrWhax & u: There are lots of ways to contribute : helping with user support, writing documentation, translating, proof reading, web programming, testing ISOs, reporting bugs, triaging bugs, auditing code, writing code, contributing back to Debian for software used in Tails, doing system administration, advocating Tails, formulating ideas on further improvements and more.
* **Contributing to Tails by working on Debian**: sometimes, the best
way to help Tails is to make Debian better; let's see how
* **Improving the infrastructure behind Tails**, by intrigeri: getting started with Tails system administration
* **Translate Tails**, by u & others: hands-on translations: how to set up a working environment to improve Tails in your language, it's easier than it sounds.
* **Redesigning our homepage**: building on the strategy from the [[previous
session|HackFest_2014_Paris#website_strategy]], let's talk about our
homepage in more details. See [[!tails_ticket 7082]].
......@@ -105,8 +112,10 @@ Wishlist
Somebody is interested in seing a talk about that, would you make it happen?
* **Promoting Tails**
* **Links between Tails and Tor**
* **GNOME Documentation Style Guide**, as we follow it
* **Tails' community**
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