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Updating changelog for 0.17~rc1.

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tails (0.17) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
tails (0.17~rc1) unstable; urgency=low
* Upcoming release
* New features
- Install the KeePassX password manager, with a configuration and
documentation that makes it easy to persist the password database.
-- Tails developers <> Thu, 10 Jan 2013 12:47:42 +0100
* Iceweasel
- Ugrade to Iceweasel 17.0.2esr-1+tails2~bpo60+1.
- Install xul-ext-adblock-plus from squeeze-backports.
- Do not allow listing all available fonts.
Set browser.display.max_font_attempts and browser.display.max_font_count
to enable the Torbrowser Limit-the-number-of-fonts-per-document patch.
- Set default spellchecker dictionary to English (USA),
and localize it according to locale with our custom branding extension.
- Disable the add-ons automatic update feature.
- Make the generated profile world-readable.
- Remove NoScript click-to-play confirmation.
- Sync some prefs set by Torbutton, to be ready when it stops setting these.
- Disable navigation timing.
- Disable SPDY. It stores state and may have keepalive issues.
- More aggressive iceweasel HTTP pipelining settings.
- Enable WebGL (as click-to-play only).
- Disable network.http.connection-retry-timeout.
- Disable full path information for plugins.
- Remove NoScript blocks of WebFonts.
- Disable DOM storage in Torbutton.
Since we don't apply the 0026-Isolate-DOM-storage-to-first-party-URI.patch
Torbrowser patch yet, and still disable DOM storage, we need to tell
Torbutton not to use it.
- Synchronize iceweasel's general.useragent.override with TBB based on FF17.
The User-Agent settings are not kept up-to-date anymore in Torbutton, so
we have to keep in sync manually with TBB's settings.
- Remove obsolete APT pining for Torbutton.
It's not maintained in Debian anymore, so we now fetch it from our own
APT repository.
- Fetch FoxyProxy from Debian experimental and libnspr4-0d from
squeeze-backports, for compatibility with Iceweasel 17.
- Rebase bookmarks file on top of the default iceweasel 17 one.
- Explicitly disable AdBlock Plus "correct typos" feature.
This feature connects to
It is disabled by default in 2.2-1, but let's be careful.
* Minor improvements
- Upgrade to live-boot 3.0~b11-1 and live-config 3.0.12-1.
Accordingly update the 9980-permissions hook, live-persist,
unsafe-browser and boot-profile.
Add compatibility symlinks from /live to /lib/live, and from /live/image
to /lib/live/mount/medium, to ease the transition.
- Check for errors when sourcing live-boot files, e.g. to detect when
they have been renamed upstream.
- Don't add "quiet" to the kernel command-line ourselves.
Else, it appears twice as live-build's lb_binary_syslinux adds it too.
Historically, we've been adding it ourselves on top of that because
lb_binary_yaboot does not add it, but since we gave up the PowerPC support
attempt, we're now only interested in syslinux, so let's make it easier
for the general case, e.g. when one wants to remove the "quiet" parameter
as suggested by our "Tails does not start" debugging documentation.
* Bugfixes
- Use the regular GnuPG agent + pinentry-gtk2 instead of Seahorse
as a GnuPG agent. This fixes usage of OpenPGP in Claws Mail,
and brings support for OpenPGP smartcards.
- Enable I2P hidden mode.
Else, killing I2P ungracefully is bad for the I2P network.
- live-persist: move error() function before the first potential usecase.
- Add missing executable bit on restart-tor and restart-vidalia.
* Hardware support
- Install recent Intel and AMD microcode from squeeze-backports,
explicitly excluding the iucode-tool package that's not a good idea
for Live systems.
- Install firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets.
This is needed to have various mobile broadband chipsets work.
- Upgrade barry to 0.18.3-5~bpo60+1.
This much improved new version supports more hardware & ISP,
and does not display dozens of spurious error messages at boot time.
* Build system
- Remove APT local cache (/Var/cache/apt/{,src}pkgcache.bin).
-- Tails developers <> Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:28:49 +0100
tails (0.16) unstable; urgency=low
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