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Add metaphor of open relationship

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[[!meta title="Explain Tails"]]
Open relationship
Tails is not my main operating system: Tails does not make me choose
between itself and other operating systems. With Tails I have an open
relationship. Is not my main operating system, I have other operating
systems for other things.
One in my laptop, one in my school...
Tails is not jealous and does not aim to fulfill all my computer needs:
if I need something Tails cannot give me... I can use another operating
But I respect our relationship: Tails does not want to be plugged to my
laptop if I am running other operating systems, so I never do that.
And I don't use identities I use on other operating systems from the
same Tails USB stick.
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From "[Writing good documentation](" at the IFF 2018
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