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[[!meta title="Setting an administration password"]]
In Tails, an administration password is required to perform system
administration tasks.<br/>
For example:
- To install new programs and packages
- To access the internal hard disks of the computer
- To execute commands with <span class="command">sudo</span>
**By default, the administration password is disabled for better security.**
This can prevent an attacker with physical or remote access to your Tails system
to gain administration privileges and perform administration task without your
In order to perform administration tasks, you need to setup an administration
password when starting Tails, using [[<span class="application">Tails
1. When <span class="application">Tails greeter</span> appears, in the
<span class="guilabel">Welcome to Tails</span> window, click on the
<span class="button">Yes</span> button. Then click on the
<span class="button">Forward</span> button to set more options.
2. In the <span class="guilabel">Administration password</span> window, specify
a password of your choice in both the <span class="guilabel">Password</span> and
<span class="guilabel">Verify Password</span> text boxes. Then click on the
<span class="button">Login</span> button to start Tails.
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