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[[!meta title="Tails report for May, 2014"]]
Late May we decided to [postpone the release of Tails
1.1](, based
on Debian Wheezy, to the next release cycle. And instead have Tails 1.0.1
released on June 10.
Tails 1.1~beta1, the first beta version of Tails based on Debian Wheezy, was released
on May 30.
- Tails has been started more than 344 328 times this month.
This make 11 107 boots a day in average.
- 31 698 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO.
- 64 bug reports were received through WhisperBack.
- The development of TrueCrypt [was
discontinued]( but our position regarding
TrueCrypt has remained the same for years: Tails includes TrueCrypt only for
backward compatibility and we are working on [[choosing a free software as
replacement|blueprint/replace_truecrypt]] to open TrueCrypt volumes. We hope
that this recent announcement encourages users to migrate to other
encrypted storage formats such as [[LUKS|support/faq#luks]], and
developers to better [[!tails_ticket 6337 desc="support the TrueCrypt
on-disk format"]] in Free Software tools.
Still, a lot of work has been done to prepare Tails 1.1:
- The Windows Camouflage has been upgraded to Windows 8 ([[!tails_ticket
6342]]). It mostly works but some visual improvements would make it nicer
([[!tails_ticket 7377]]).
- Fixed the build of VirtualBox guest modules ([[!tails_ticket 5972]]).
- Fixed the starting of ORCA screen reader ([[!tails_ticket 7251]]).
- Fixed the keymap selection from Tails Greeter ([[!tails_ticket 7065]]).
- Set the background of Tails Greeter to our usual blue color ([[!tails_ticket
- Fixed OpenPGP signature verification in Nautilus ([[!tails_ticket 6608]]).
That implied installing a backport of shared-mime-info 1.2+ ([[!tails_ticket
- Worked on [[!tails_gitweb_branch
feature/7154-install-liferea-above-1.10.3 desc="upgrading liferea"]]
([[!tails_ticket 7154]]) and [[!tails_gitweb_branch
feature/5711-liferea-persistence-preset desc="adding a persistence
feature"]] ([[!tails_ticket 5711]]), but we discovered that Liferea > 1.10.3
includes a general-purpose web browser with JavaScript, and we don't want
that. We are now considering to wait for Icedove, which also has a feed
reader, before we add a persistent feeds feature.
- Fixed the display of non-Latin script in Florence ([[!tails_ticket 7279]]).
- Used a solid blue background color to workaround a display bug in GNOME
Fallback ([[!tails_ticket 7248]]).
- Adapted the test suite to Wheezy [[!tails_gitweb_branch test/6559-adapt-test-suite-for-Wheezy desc="was completed"]]
([[!tails_ticket 6559]]).
- Used the regular GnuPG agent instead of the one from GNOME Keyring
([[!tails_ticket 7330]]).
- Fixed emergency shutdown before login ([[!tails_ticket 7333]]).
- Prevented `iproute2` from being installed from wheezy-backports
([[!tails_ticket 7337]]).
- Purged `dselect` ([[!tails_ticket 7336]]).
- Worked on fixing the migration of NetworkManager persistence settings
([[!tails_ticket 7338]]).
- Tails devices are now converted to UEFI on full upgrade ([[!tails_ticket
- Imported I2P 0.9.13 packages for Wheezy ([[!tails_ticket 6731]]).
Apart from all the work directly related to the migration to Wheezy, we also:
- Backported python-stem ([[!tails_ticket 7318]]).
- Installed Linux 3.14 ([[!tails_ticket 7150]]).
- Decreased the memory requirements while checking for upgrades
([[!tails_ticket 7235]]).
- Disabled the update check mechanism of Torbutton ([[!tails_ticket 7097]]).
- Installed Tor ([[!tails_ticket 7342]]).
- Included GtkHash to allow checksum computation from Nautilus
([[!tails_ticket 6763]]).
- [[!tails_gitweb_branch desc="Updated" feature/tor-launcher-]] Tor
launcher to
- Worked on using static UID for `tails-persistence-setup` ([[!tails_ticket
- Started evaluating [[!debpkg xserver-xorg-video-modesetting]], for
[[!tails_ticket 7394 desc="KMS support"]] with the Cirrus (used
e.g. in QEMU), MGA, and maybe other video adapters.
Documentation and website
- Many parts of our documentation were adapted to Tails Wheezy
[[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/wheezy]].
- Parts of our download page were reworked and simplified ([[!tails_ticket
- Removed the "Why do you need anonymity?" page, which was outside of the scope
of our documentation.
- Explain that NoScript is disabled by default ([[!tails_gitweb_commit
- Put it more clearly that most bug reports without an email address are
useless ([[!tails_gitweb_commit 5439823]]).
- Documented that OTR is not activated by default ([[!tails_ticket 7355]]).
- As our mirror pool grew, we finally hit a [[!tor_bug 11741 desc="bug in the Tor
DNS resolver"]] that
prevents us from adding more than about 25 servers in our DNS pool. Thanks to
foob we put up a [[blueprint|blueprint/HTTP_mirror_pool]] to fix that issue on
the long-run. See [[!tails_ticket 7161]] and [Some research about mirror
- Contributors were encouraged to migrate their custom build systems to Wheezy
([[!tails_gitweb_commit 65967ea]]), as was done for our Jenkins
autobuilder already, and to [[!tails_ticket 7218 desc="update our
Vagrant basebox to Wheezy"]].
On-going discussions
- [Create a donation form to receive fiat currencies](
- [Sharing wiperam package between Freepto and Tails?](
- [Reworking the I2P documentation](
- [Signing of the ISO and key material](
- Special thanks to all the people who donated
[[bitcoins|contribute/how/donate]]. We received more than [60 bitcoins in
- Received a grant from Debian to fund our yearly summit.
- Received a grant from Mozilla to pay some travel expenses for our yearly
- Received a first batch of money from the FPF crowd-funding campaign.
- Added a donate button in our sidebar, and point it to the FPF crowd-funding
campaign [[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/donate]] which is still running.
- Finally signed a contract for the OpenITP grant that we were awarded at the
end of 2013.
- We are still in the process of getting the contract signed for the Access
Innovation Prize.
- Were contacted for partnership by the [User Verifiable Social Telematics R&D
- Passed a [[call for help on
- Organized a first [[usability testing session in
- Organized a [Tails 1.0 Launch
Party]( in Washington DC.
- Organizing the upcoming [[Tails
HackFest|blueprint/HackFest_2014_Paris]] and yearly summit: agenda,
accommodation, traveling sponsorship, venue, food, etc.
Press and testimonials
In late April and early May, many press articles covered the Tails 1.0 release,
- [Tails 1.0 – La distrib sécurisée sort enfin en version
stable]( (in French).
- [Anonymisierungs-OS Tails wird
in heise Security (in German).
- [Secure OS Tails Emerges From
Beta](,2817,2457452,00.asp) by
David Murphy in PCMAG.
- [Edward Snowden's OS of choice, the Linux-based Tails,
is now out of
by Steve Dent in Engadget.
- [Tails 1.0: Sicherheit und
by Ferdinand Thommes in PRO-LINUX.DE (in German).
- [Tails, l'OS dédié à la confidentialité, passe en
by Julien L. in Numerama (in French).
- [Anonymous Linux Distribution TAILS Reaches Release Version
by Max Smolaks in TechWeek Europe.
- [Snowden's Beloved Tails OS Reaches v1.0
by Richard Adhikari in LinuxInsider.
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