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## A.3 Write automated tests
## A.4 Add VeraCrypt support to udisks
We added support for unlocking system volumes and using VeraCrypt PIMs in udisks ([[!tails_ticket 15215]]) and libblockdev ([[!tails_ticket 15216]]). During this work we discovered two bugs in cryptsetup, which will be fixed in the next cryptsetup release ([#366](,[#367](
The features for VeraCrypt support in udisks and libblockdev are now all implemented, so we created pull requests for our work in [libblockdev]( and [udisks](
## A.5 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Disks
## A.6 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files
## A.10 Port to the latest version of GNOME
We extended the volume unlock dialog in GNOME Disks to allow specifying the parameters required to unlock VeraCrypt volumes ([[!tails_ticket 15217]]).
The features for VeraCrypt support in GNOME Disks are now also complete, so we [asked the maintainers to review and merge our work](
# B. Additional software
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