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Use better code quoting.

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......@@ -764,8 +764,8 @@ drives. Proceed at your own discretion!
Once T(A)ILS has started up from CD (or a virtual machine), start a
terminal and type:
>`sudo su`
>`cat /dev/cdrom > /dev/sdX`
sudo su
cat /dev/cdrom > /dev/sdX
where "`/dev/cdrom`" is the CD-ROM device running the T(A)ILS CD,
and "`/dev/sdX`" is the target USB device. Note that The "`X`" in
......@@ -777,8 +777,8 @@ As an alternative, if you have a non-T(A)ILS Linux system and access
to the T(A)ILS ISO image, you can install it to USB by issuing the
following commands to a terminal:
>`sudo su # or other way to get root privileges`
>`cat /path/to/tails/image.iso > /dev/sdX`
sudo su # or other way to get root privileges
cat /path/to/tails/image.iso > /dev/sdX
where "`/dev/sdX`" is the target USB device (change "`X`" as above).
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