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Fallback to "similar" locale's searchplugins.

E.g. if our locale is pt, which doesn't have localized search plugins,
we'll use one of pt-PT and pt-BR.
parent e57ec5af
......@@ -33,17 +33,18 @@ tor_has_bootstrapped() {
# Workaround bug #8036 by copying any localized search plugins into
# the profile.
enable_localized_searchplugins() {
local locale
local locale plugin
locale=$(cat "${PROFILE}"/preferences/0000locale.js | \
sed 's@^pref("general\.useragent\.locale", "\([^"]*\)");$@\1@')
if [ "${locale}" = en-US ] || [ -e "${PROFILE}"/searchplugins ]; then
if [ -d "${PLUGIN_DIR}" ]; then
# Fallback to a similar locale if there is no exact match
plugin="$(ls -1 "${TBB_INSTALL}"/distribution/searchplugins/locale/ | grep -m1 "^${locale}\(-[A-Z]\+\)\?$" || true)"
if [ -n "${plugin}" ]; then
mkdir -p "${PROFILE}"/searchplugins
# The plugins do not load if they are symlinks
cp --dereference "${PLUGIN_DIR}"/* "${PROFILE}"/searchplugins
cp --dereference "${TBB_INSTALL}"/distribution/searchplugins/locale/"${plugin}"/* "${PROFILE}"/searchplugins
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