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Document how to initialize a git-remote-gcrypt repository.

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......@@ -313,10 +313,53 @@ at <>. Here is how to get it created.
- who else needs write access to the repository, plus their SSH RSA
public key.
Once your repository has been created, see:
Once your repository has been created, clone it:
* [[addresses for Git clone and web access|contribute/git#other-repositories]]
* [[immerda's documentation|contribute/git#immerda]]
* If you want to encrypt the content of your new Git repository with
OpenPGP, go through some arcane
[[initialization ritual|contribute/git#initialize-git-remote-gcrypt]]
to reach wisdom, bliss and enlightenment.
* Otherwise (lucky you!), see:
- [[addresses for Git clone and web access|contribute/git#other-repositories]]
- [[immerda's documentation|contribute/git#immerda]].
<a id="initialize-git-remote-gcrypt"></a>
Initializing a git-remote-gcrypt repository
Clone the new, empty repository in a way that tells Git it's going to
be encrypted:
git clone$REPOSITORY
Change directory into the newly cloned repository:
Decide whether you want to hide to the immerda administrators which
OpenPGP keys this repository will be encrypted for (note that this has
severe usability drawbacks). Skip to the next step if you really want
that. Otherwise:
git config gcrypt.publish-participants true
Tell Git which OpenPGP keys the repository will be encrypted for:
git config gcrypt.participants "LIST OF OPENPGP FINGERPRINTS"
Write some setup instructions for your team-mates, e.g. copy and
paste the `git config` command(s) you have just run:
editor README
Add these setup instructions to the repository and commit:
git add README && git commit -m 'Add setup documentation.'
git push -u origin master
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