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Integrate the 1.4 changes snippet into the May report.

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......@@ -15,14 +15,17 @@ Releases
* The next release (1.4.1) is [[planned for June 30|]].
Released code changes
To know the complete list of changes that were introduced in Tails 1.4,
refer to the [Changelog](
or the [[release notes|news/version_1.4]].
These changes were introduced in Tails 1.4.
And here are upcoming changes we have been working on for the next releases:
[[!inline pages="inc/release_notes/1.4" raw="yes"]]
Upcoming code changes
Here are the upcoming changes we have already been working on for the next releases:
* We fixed cases where the hardware clock was set to the system time on shutdown ([[!tails_ticket 9364]]).
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