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doc: Fix macchanger.

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[[!meta title="Enable MAC Changer"]]
**FIXME**: This section have not been adapted now. Macchanger is not easily
usable in Tails now (0.7.2)
<div class="bug">
<p>Macchanger is shipped in Tails but there is currently no documented method of
using it.</p>
If you paid attention when you started up Tails you may have noticed
an odd option in the language selection menu, namely the "Enable MAC
changer" entry. Some further explanation is probably required in order
to understand whether this is relevant for you or not.
<p>[[See the corresponding ticket.|todo/macchanger/]]</p>
First of all, you should know that all network cards, both wired and
wireless, have a unique identifier stored in them called their MAC
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