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Make language code extraction more robust.

There are three letter language codes, e.g. fur.
parent 27db6a6d
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
language_code_from_locale () {
echo "${1}" | sed "s,\(_\|\.\).*$,,"
localize_tails_doc_page () { localize_tails_doc_page () {
local page="${1}" local page="${1}"
local lang_code="$(echo ${LANG} | head -c 2)" local lang_code="$(language_code_from_locale "${LANG}")"
local try_page local try_page
for locale in "${lang_code}" "en"; do for locale in "${lang_code}" "en"; do
try_page="${page}.${locale}.html" try_page="${page}.${locale}.html"
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