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Create blueprint on user survey (#14545)

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[[!tails_ticket 14545]]
Related blueprints:
- [[blueprint/better_metrics]]
- [[blueprint/interviews]]
- [[blueprint/personas]]
Similar surveys
- Matomo
- <>
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- <>
Possible research questions
- Size of user base
- How many users do we really have?
- Right now we only have number of boots per day but combining this
with how frequently people use Tails, we could extrapolate rough
number of users and maybe usage categories (fraction of frequent
users and occasional users, etc.).
- Technical skills
- How technically skilled are our users?
- How big is the difference between the technical skills of our target
audience and real audience?
- Is there a match between how hard Tails is to use and the skills of
our actual users?
- Region
- Is Tails useful and accessible by a global audience?
- Information on where Tails is used the most is very helpful for
fundraising, outreach, or translation efforts.
- User tasks
- What are people using Tails the most?
- This would help us clarify what are the most important features of
Tails and prioritize incremental improvements.
- What is missing the most in Tails?
- This would help us build a better roadmap.
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