Commit 0a0f693b authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Add another GNOME bug migrated to GitLab.

parent e1957de5
......@@ -32,3 +32,4 @@ Feel free to add any relevant issue to this list.
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse-nautilus/issues/1 desc="seahorse-nautilus: non-ISO-C and non-deprecated-API warnings"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse-nautilus/issues/4 desc="seahorse-nautilus: does not or only partially import keys"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse/issues/22 desc="Seahorse: cannot Import Public SSH Keys"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab gnome-settings-daemon/issues/210 desc="keyboard: Without settings or under GDM make sure to add the US layout"]]
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