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# #7356: Enable formatting toolbars in Pidgin
We'll re-add it, as we could not find a reason not too, and there's
a good reason to do so.
# #7123: Find a meaningful name for the "bridge, firewall, or proxy settings" option
"Additional Tor configuration" almost reached a consensus, then "Tor
configuration" was proposed, and it did reach a consensus: while it
sounds like tor isn't configured if you don't open the option.
This which would be critical if it were in the first greeter screen,
but it's in "More options", which mitigates this problem somewhat.
Then "Specific Tor configuration" was proposed, which reached
a stronger consensus.
# #7128: Include oathtool package
We failed to see how this would be usable, in its current shape, for
non-geeks. Add to that the fact there's likely no broad audience for
it among the Tails userbase, and that nothing prevents anyone from
using the "Additional software packages" persistence feature for it,
and we agreed to reject this ticket.
# #7165: NetworkManager autoconnects to persistent wireless networks in Wheezy
We noticed we had discussed this last month already, so adding the
minutes from last discussion to the ticket.
# #7219: Having a disable Wi-Fi option at Greeter
Let's try to group related options under a single user-visible toggle
one. So, let's focus on "offline mode" (#6811) to start with, have it
rfkill the Wi-Fi down, and see if it covers enough.
# #7282: Tor Launcher: Don't relabel finish button when not owning Tor
We agreed that "Connect" is fine, and didn't see what good "Finish" does. sajolida?
# #7011: Create Tails stickers
We gave a go ahead. Go!
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