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Change semantics of odd and even version numbers

This allows having 2.0 (even) as a major release. It's also more
consistent with other project, such as GNOME, where even numbers mean
"big" releases with significant changes for the user.
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......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ Versioning scheme
release of Debian.
* We also increment the first number whenever it make sense for Tails
only (user-visible changes).
* The second number is even for bugfix releases, and odd for major ones.
* The second number is even for major release (introducing new features), and odd for minor release (fix bugs).
* We allow ourselves to skip numbers if we release two major or two
minor releases in a row (eg. 1.7 followed by 1.9).
* We add an extra, third number for emergency releases.
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