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Finish updating our contributors doc to the deprecation of the Tails...

Finish updating our contributors doc to the deprecation of the Tails Verification extension (#18064)
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......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ When verifying a Tails image, the JavaScript:
The IDF is served with the HTTP headers <span
class="code">`Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *`</span> to allow
developers to test the extension locally from a `file:///` URL.
developers to test the verification locally from a `file:///` URL.
1. Verifies that the checksum of the image is present in the IDF.
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ Related documents
- [[Design document of *Tails Installer*|installation]]
- [[Design document of *Tails Verification*|download_verification]]
- [[Design document of the download verification|download_verification]]
- [Archive of our design artifacts](
Implementation tricks
......@@ -1017,8 +1017,8 @@ Prepare upgrade-description files
Prepare the image description file for *Tails Verification*
Prepare the image description file for the download verification
If preparing a RC, skip this part.
......@@ -1031,7 +1031,7 @@ Update the image description file (IDF) used by the verification JavaScript:
--img "${IMG_PATH:?}" \
> wiki/src/install/v2/Tails/amd64/stable/latest.json && \
git add wiki/src/install/v2/Tails/amd64/stable/latest.json && \
git commit -m "Update IDF file for Tails Verification." && \
git commit -m "Update IDF for download verification" && \
git push origin "${WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH:?}"
Done with OpenPGP signing
......@@ -194,35 +194,6 @@ at the application level:
* Tor Browser works fine
* the Unsafe Browser starts
# Tails Verification
* The goal is to check that *Tails Verification* works in *Tor
Browser* in the version of Tails we are testing here. *Tails
Verification* only supports verifying the current release so for
example, when doing tests for the Tails 3.13 release, we use it in
the tentative Tails 3.13 to verify the Tails 3.12 ISO and USB images.
1. Start the Tails that you are testing.
2. Start *Tor Browser*.
3. Visit <>.
4. If you already have the ISO image for the last, already released
version of Tails, i.e. the one that's advertised in the sidebar
of our production website, then click "*I already downloaded Tails $N*".
Otherwise follow the instructions on that web page to download
the ISO image.
5. Install *Tails Verification*.
6. Click the **Verify Tails $N** button.
7. The verification should be successful.
8. Repeat for the USB image, except the URL for step (3) is:
# Torrents
Make sure that the .torrent files we advertise for this release can be
......@@ -146,8 +146,8 @@ Selling preinstalled devices would in fact be a pretty bad idea:
We do not provide a checksum (SHA hash or similar) to verify your Tails download.
Verification using a checksum would be no better than verifying using
one of the techniques documented on our download page: our browser
extension, BitTorrent, or basic OpenPGP.
one of the techniques documented on our download page: our JavaScript
verification, BitTorrent, or basic OpenPGP.
These verification methods all rely on some information being securely
downloaded from our website using HTTPS. Similarly, verification using a
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