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Changelog: remove a "XXX" in the 3.9.1 entry.

It's too late to deal with this now.
parent 8ad568b5
......@@ -205,7 +205,6 @@ tails (3.9.1) unstable; urgency=medium
- Upgrade Tor Browser to 8.0.2, based on Firefox 60.2.1 (Closes: #16017).
- Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.0-3~deb9u1.0tails2 (Closes: #15959). Also
imported the same security fixes that caused Tor Browser 8.0.2.
- XXX: #15978?
- Upgrade curl to 7.52.1-5+deb9u7 (DSA-4286).
- Upgrade Ghostscript to 9.20~dfsg-3.2+deb9u5 (DSA-4294).
- Upgrade libarchive-zip-perl to 1.59-1+deb9u1 (DSA-4300).
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