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document workaround for Dell Latitude E6430

I've tested Tails 0.23 with the Dell Latitude E6430, BIOS versions A09
and A11 and seen this same misbehavior.  It turns out that you can
just hit enter, though, and the machine will continue to boot from the
USB stick despite this warning message.
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......@@ -51,10 +51,13 @@ Dell Inc. Latitude E6430/0CPWYR
Does not start on USB sticks created using Tails Installer.
With BIOS versions A03 06/03/2012
With BIOS versions A03 06/03/2012 (and A09 and A11)
Error message: `Invalid partition table!`
Workaround (at least with BIOS versions A09 and A11): just hit enter
and it will continue with the boot.
Dell XPS L702X/03RG89, Samsung RV520, Samsung Series 7 Chronos
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