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Release process: drop steps that have been automated in the Greeter's release script.

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......@@ -14,33 +14,17 @@ Update POT and PO files
) && \
git commit po -m 'Update POT and PO files.'
Prepare a release
Run `./scripts/` and follow the instructions.
git checkout master && ./scripts/
… then follow the instructions, making sure you set the appropriate
release on the first line of the new changelog entry.
Update the Debian package
Checkout the correct branch:
git checkout master
Update `debian/changelog`:
gbp dch
(Do not forget to set the appropriate release.)
Commit the changelog:
git commit debian/changelog \
-m "$(dpkg-parsechangelog -SSource) ($(dpkg-parsechangelog -SVersion))
Git-Dch: Ignore
Build a new Debian package (use a Stretch/amd64 chroot):
gbp buildpackage
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