Commit 070e872b authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri Committed by Cyril Brulebois
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Ensure GIDs are stable across releases (refs: #15695).

Fixup on top of commit:3682fde3: we should not
"assign a number of groups, fresh, unreserved group IDs" because then these
groups would have a different GID than in Tails 3.8, which is precisely
what we're trying to avoid here :)
parent 3682fde3
......@@ -34,8 +34,18 @@ Change_gid () {
Change_uid tails-persistent-setup 150
Change_gid tails-persistent-setup 150
# Ensure debian-tor's gid remains does not break upgrades (#15695)
Change_gid monkeysphere 151
Change_gid debian-tor 152
Change_gid lpadmin 153
Change_gid vboxsf 154
### Ensure GIDs are stable accross releases
# ... otherwise, things such as tor@service are broken
# after applying an automatic upgrade (#15695, #15424, #13426, #15407)
# Temporarily give these groups a GID that's out of the way, to avoid collisions
Change_gid vboxsf 1120
Change_gid monkeysphere 1130
Change_gid debian-tor 1140
Change_gid lpadmin 1150
# Finally, give these groups the desired GID
Change_gid vboxsf 112
Change_gid monkeysphere 113
Change_gid debian-tor 114
Change_gid lpadmin 115
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