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[[!meta title="About possible derivatives"]]
What for:
- Include additional features that we are not ready to add to Tails (for example
to include GNUnet or Namecoin).
- Have custom branding or configuration.
- Provide ISO images with less or different features (for example to
have VPN instead of Tor).
Why is it complicated:
- Release every 6 weeks
- Heavy quality assurance process (automated builds and tests)
- Infrastructure (upgrades)
- User trust (authenticated downloads, OpenPGP Web-of-Trust)
Good ways of doing it:
- Don't build your own ISO images.
- Package your specific applications in Debian to make them easier to
use in Tails.
- Document how to use your specific applications in Tails.
- Rely on the mechanisms already available in Tails to adapt it to your
needs (additional software packages, persistent storage).
- Help us build in Tails other mechanisms that you might need to adapt
it to your needs (persistence of DConf settings, APT sources, etc.).
- Talk with us to see how we can adapt our ISO images to make them
easier for your to reuse.
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