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Update changelog for 1.2~rc1.

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tails (1.2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
tails (1.2~rc1) unstable; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next release.
* Major new features
- Migrate from Iceweasel to the Tor Browser from the Tor Browser
Bundle 4.0 nightly build from 2014-10-07 (based on Firefox
esr31-pre). The installation in Tails is made global
(multi-profile), uses the system-wide Tor instance, does not use
the Tor Browser updater, and keeps the desired deviations
previously present in Iceweasel, e.g. we install the addon
AdBlock Plus but not Tor Launcher (since we run it as a
standalone XUL application), among other things.
- Install AppArmor's userspace tools and apparmor-profiles-extra
from Wheezy Backports, and enable the AppArmor Linux security
module. This adds Mandatory Access control for several critical
applications in Tails, including:
* Tor
* Vidalia
* Pidgin
* Evince
* Totem
- Isolate I2P traffic from the Tor Browser by adding a dedicated
I2P Browser, which can be reached via GNOME's menu -> Internet
-> I2P Browser. It is set up similarly to the Unsafe Browser,
but further disables features that are irrelevant for I2P, like
search plugins and the AdBlock Plus addon, and keeps Tor Browser
security features like the NoScript and Torbutton addons.
* Security fixes
- Disable TCP timestamps (Closes: #6579).
* Bugfixes
- Remove expired Pidgin certificates (Closes: #7730).
- Use sudo instead of gksudo for running tails-upgrade-frontend to
make stderr more easily accessible (Closes: #7431).
- Run tails-persistence-setup with sudo instead of gksudo to make
stderr more easily accessible, and allow the desktop user to
pass the --verbose parameter. (Closes: #7623)
- Disable cups in the Unsafe Browser. This will prevent the
browser from hanging for several minutes when accidentally
pressing CTRL+P or trying to go to File -> Print.
* Minor improvements
- Install Linux 3.16-2 from Debian unstable.
- Install cryptsetup and friends from wheezy-backports (Closes:
- Install Monkeysign dependencies for qrcodes scanning.
- Upgrade syslinux to 3:6.03~pre20+dfsg-2~bpo70+1, and install
the new syslinux-efi package.
- Upgrade I2P to 0.9.15-1~deb7u+1
- Upgrade Tor to
- Enable Wheezy proposed-updates APT repository and setup APT
pinnings to install packages from it.
- Enable Tor's syscall sandbox. This feature (new in 0.2.5.x)
should make Tor a bit harder to exploit. It is only be enabled
when when no special Tor configuration is requested in Tails
Greeter due to incompatibility with Tor bridges.
- Start I2P automatically when the network connects via a
NetworkManager hook, and "i2p" is present on the kernel command
line. The router console is no longer opened automatically, but
can be accessed through the I2P Browser.
- Simplify the IPv6 ferm rules.
- Include persistence.conf in WhisperBack reports (Closes: #7461)
- Pin packages from testing to 500, so that they can be upgraded.
- Don't set Torbutton environment vars globally (Closes: #5648).
- Make it clear in the TrueCrypt wrapper that it'll be removed in
Tails 1.3 or earlier (Closes: #7739).
- Enable VirtualBox guest additions by default (Closes: #5730). In
particular this enables VirtualBox's display management service.
- In the Unsafe Browser, hide option for "Tor Browser Health
report", and the "Get Addons" section in the Addon manager
(Closes: #7952).
- Show Pidgin's formatting toolbar (Closes: #7356). Having the
formatting toolbar displayed in Pidgin makes the OTR status more
explicit by displaying it with words.
-- Tails developers <> Mon, 14 Jul 2014 16:15:19 +0200
* Automated test suite
- Add --pause-on-fail to ease VM state debugging when tests
- Add execute_successfully() and assert_vmcommand_success() for
added robustness when executing some command in the testing VM.
- Use Test::Unit::Assertions instead of our home-made assert().
- Add test for persistent browser bookmarks.
- Test Unsafe Browser theme for Windows while testing Windows
- Add basic tests for Pidgin, Totem and Evince, including their
AppArmor enforcement.
- Factorize some common step pattern into single steps.
- Factorize running a command in GNOME Terminal.
- Add common steps to copy a file and test for its existence.
- Add a wait_and_double_click Sikuli helper method.
- Add a VM.file_content method, to avoid repeating ourselves, and
use it whenever easily doable.
- Drop test that diffs syslinux' exithelp.cfg: we don't ship this
file anymore.
- In the Unsafe Browser tests, rely on subtle timing less (Closes:
- Use the same logic to determine when Tor is working in the test
suite as in Tails itself. The idea is to avoid spamming the Tor
control port during bootstrap, since we've seen problems with
that already.
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:20:04 +0200
tails (1.1.2) unstable; urgency=medium
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