Commit 04cddc65 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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tor-controlport-filter: make sure no two filters set the same event options differently.

parent 7e156524
......@@ -62,7 +62,9 @@
# key exists the event is allowed, unless `suppress` is set to true in
# the dictionary -- in this case the client will be fooled that it has
# subscribed to the event (i.e. the client request is not filtered),
# but all those events will be suppressed.
# but all those events will be suppressed. Note that two matched
# filters setting some event's options differently will cause a
# runtime error.
# `restrict-stream-events` is optional, and if set any STREAM events
# sent to the client (after it has subscribed to them) will be
......@@ -335,11 +337,25 @@ class FilteredControlPortProxyHandler(socketserver.StreamRequestHandler):
if isinstance(rule, str):
new_rules[i] = {'pattern': rule}
allowed_commands[cmd] = old_rules + new_rules
# Similarly, we don't use dict.update(), and instead
# verify that no two matching filters set some option
# for the same stream differently, cause then the
# order of how the filters are matched would matter.
if 'events' in filter_:
for key in filter_['events']:
val = filter_['events'][key]
key = key.upper()
allowed_events[key] = val
for event in filter_['events']:
new_opts = filter_['events'][event]
event = event.upper()
old_opts = allowed_events.get(event, None)
if old_opts != None and new_opts != None and \
any(old_opts.get(k, new_opts[k]) != new_opts[k] \
for k in new_opts):
raise RuntimeError(
"Filter '{}' tried to set some option of " +
"event `{}` that some other filter already " +
"has set differently"
.format(filter_['name'], event)
allowed_events[event] = new_opts
if filter_.get('restrict-stream-events', False):
if not local_connection:
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