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Draft announcement for 4.0~beta1 (#16822)

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[[!meta title="Call for testing: 4.0~beta1"]]
[[!meta date="Mon, 7 Aug 2019 14:00:00 +0000"]]
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[[!tag announce]]
You can help Tails by testing the first beta for the upcoming version 4.0!
We are very excited about it and cannot wait to hear your feedback :)
[[!toc levels=1]]
# What's new in 4.0~beta1?
Tails 4.0 will be the first version of Tails based on Debian 10
(Buster). As such, it upgrades essentially all included software.
We are particularly interested in detecting new problems with the following
- Mac computers
- Recent Nvidia and ATI/AMD graphics cards
Other changes in Tails 4.0~beta1 include:
- Replace *KeePassX* with [*KeePassXC*]( ([[!tails_ticket 15297]])
- Add support for Thunderbolt devices. ([[!tails_ticket 5463]])
If you have a Thunderbolt device, please try using it.
Choose <span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">Devices</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guisubmenu">Thunderbolt</span></span> from the
<span class="application">Settings</span> utility to authorize your
Thunderbolt devices, if needed.
See also the design document on [Thunderbolt 3 in Fedora
to see how Thunderbolt is integrated in GNOME.
- Remove *Scribus*. ([[!tails_ticket 16290]])
You can install *Scribus* again using the
*[[Additional Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]]* feature.
- Remove *LibreOffice Math*. ([[!tails_ticket 16911]])
You can install *LibreOffice Math* again using the
*[[Additional Software|doc/first_steps/additional_software]]* feature.
- Allow opening persistent volumes from other Tails USB sticks. ([[!tails_ticket 16789]])
- Display *OpenPGP Applet* on the left of the Tor status icon. ([[!tails_ticket 14796]])
- Add the *Files* browser to the list of favorite applications. ([[!tails_ticket 16799]])
- Change the background of the boot menu. ([[!tails_ticket 16837]])
- Use the default bookmarks from *Tor Browser* instead of our own default
bookmarks. ([[!tails_ticket 15895]])
- Remove the *Home* launcher from the desktop. ([[!tails_ticket 16799]])
- Remove the default accounts in *Pidgin*. ([[!tails_ticket 16744]])
Technical details of all the changes are listed in the
<a id="known_issues"></a>
Known issues in 4.0~beta1
* The documentation has not been updated so far.
* [Open tickets for Tails 4.0](
* [[Longstanding known issues|support/known_issues]]
# How to test Tails 4.0~beta1?
We will provide security upgrades for Tails 4.0~beta1 like we do for regular
versions of Tails.
Keep in mind that this is a test image. We tested that it is not broken in
obvious ways, but it might still contain undiscovered issues.
Please, report any new problem to <> (public mailing list).
Get Tails 4.0~beta1
<a class="download-file use-mirror-pool" href="">Tails 4.0~beta1 USB image</a>
<span class="openpgp-small-link">[[OpenPGP signature|torrents/files/tails-amd64-4.0~beta1.img.sig]]</span>
To install 4.0~beta1, follow our usual installation instructions:
- [[Install from Windows|install/win/usb]]
- [[Install from macOS|install/mac/usb]]
- [[Install from Linux|install/linux/usb]]
# What's coming up?
Tails 4.0 is [[scheduled|contribute/calendar]] for October 22.
Have a look at our [[!tails_roadmap]] to see where we are heading to.
We need your help and there are many ways to [[contribute to
Tails|contribute]] (<a href="">donating</a> is only one of
them). Come [[talk to us|about/contact#tails-dev]]!
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