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Remove issue that hasn't been reported to help desk in a long time

- I couldn't reproduce it in a VM with 1 core.

- 2% of Firefox users have a single core these days, I wonder how many
  of these can still run Tails:
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......@@ -512,20 +512,6 @@ Bluetooth devices don't work
Bluetooth is not enabled in Tails for security reasons.
Playing WebM videos in the Tor Browser fails on old hardware
Last updated: 2016-09-16
I asked about it.
On systems that only have one CPU core, WebM videos may fail to play
in the Tor Browser, and show the error message: "Video can't be played
because the file is corrupt". You can work around this by downloading
the video and watching it in the Totem video player.
<a id="automatic_upgrade_fails"></a>
<a id="partial-upgrade"></a>
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