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Make step 2 a real step

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......@@ -134,11 +134,7 @@ script which is executed on the VM hosting Weblate as [a cronjob every
1. Canonical → Integration:
Update the integration repository with changes made on the
canonical repository (called "main" in the script).
2. Trigger Weblate to commit pending approved translations ([`
As Weblate tries to reduce commits (called lazy commits), we need to ask
Weblate explicitly to commit every component, that wasn't touched for 24h and
has outstanding changes.
2. Make Weblate commit pending approved translations locally
3. Weblate → Integration:
Integrate committed changes from Weblate into the Integration repository
4. Integration → Canonical:
......@@ -202,6 +198,16 @@ Our script actually applies all changes from the default language to the additio
The described mechanisms always touching files and changes mtime etc, that's why git would always create a new commit. Often those commits don't change anything on the files. To get rid of those empty not needed commits the script detects, when a fast-forward is possible (the master branch is updated to HEAD of canonical or integration branch). This is possible, if only Weblate introduce new commits or only the canonical.
### Step 2: Trigger commits
Because Weblate tries to reduce the number of commits (aka. "lazy
commits"), we need to ask Weblate explicitly to commit every component
which has outstanding changes since more than 24 hours.
This is done by triggering Weblate to commit pending approved
translations using the internal command ([`
### Step 3: Weblate → Integration
**Merging changes from Weblate's Git repository into the integration
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