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Document automatic reference of id in tables of content

I discovered this today!
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- `<a id="2014">` in `doc/about/finances` to be able to point to
When adding an anchor to a section on a page that has a table of
content, add the <span class="code">id</span> attribute directly to
the HTML heading. ikiwiki will automatically reference it in the table
of content instead of the default value that might change over time.
*For example:*
- <pre>
&lt;h1 id="my-section"&gt;My section&lt;/h1&gt;
Creates a hyperlink to <span class="code">#my-section</span> in the
table of content instead of a hyperlink to
<span class="code">#index1h1</span> that might change with the
structure of the page.
<a id="boot"></a>
- **boot** vs **start**
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